**** August 2015 Update: We have disabled any new subscriptions while we retool the Semiologic Pro offering and pricing. More details to come. ****

“Discover One of the Most Full-Featured Solutions for Powering Your Website." 

Dear Website Owner,

Have you ever wondered why a few people succeed online and make money quickly while most struggle just to break even?

It's not a lack of good ideas for new websites. The pros know little secrets that amateurs do not. One is a solution that allows them focus on marketing.

Most web entrepreneurs spend so much time creating, customizing, and maintaining their websites, that they don't have time for what really matters — creating content, generating traffic, and making money.

At the core of Semiologic Pro is WordPress, the blogging software and content management system. WordPress is flexible and extendable with a vast user community. It is also free and now power 20% of the internet's websites. You've heard the same reasons countless times.

Yet you want to focus on your business at hand and not maintaining and operating a website.

Semiologic Pro, which was initially released in 2005, turns WordPress into a niche website powerhouse.

It comprises WordPress, the most flexible theme in the market, and a carefully selected collection of plugins. It has been tailored for the needs of Internet marketers and small business owners from day one.

Over the years, Semiologic Pro has used for multitudes of reasons and purposes.

The built-in search engine optimization usually sparks the initial interest. Many marketers entrust it to power ad- or affiliate-product driven websites. Their success lies, among other key factors, in Semiologic Pro's ability to generate organic traffic from search engines.

Ease of use is paramount to us. Most internet marketers have little or no technical skills, yet need to generate complex websites with all sorts of features and little effort. Semiologic Pro delivers on these fronts as well.

Semiologic Pro is also about support. We never let a customer down as a rule of thumb. We do not hesitate to get our hands dirty when the need arises.

There is much more. I feel extremely comfortable highlighting — and this is widely acknowledged — that Semiologic Pro is the best maintained piece of software in the internet marketing world. Every day, members assist one another and exchange ideas with each other.  Many contribute ideas and resources, which we systematically take into account. Our developments are driven by user-contributed best practices. 

Looking back… I cannot emphasize this enough… Semiologic Pro is much more than a piece of software that internet marketers use to create niche websites. Semiologic Pro is a community-driven solution, for internet marketers, by internet marketers.

To Your online success,


Mike Koepke


Why Semiologic?

Indeed, while many so called "premium themes" have come upon the scene, none match the SEO capabilities of Semiologic Pro – and none of them claim to.

Semiologic Pro is a carefully prepared combination of WordPress, tweaked with proprietary Semiologic code, and integrated with over 70 tools and plugins, each selected for both utility and SEO considerations – then tested to work harmoniously with each other and with the Semiologic framework.

You'll find everything you need, all in one place, without hassle. One-click feature customization, advanced page templates, built-in SEO, ad management, newsletter subscriptions, visitor tracking, author images, podcasting, video casting, comment subscriptions, spam control, advanced caching, you name it!

With every new release, we bring Semiologic Pro closer to brain dead simple for you to use and customize. The number of features it contains is simply overwhelming.

The Best Of WordPress At Your Finger Tips – and MORE!

Feature Picker

A special feature page is provided within Semiologic which presents all Semiologic provided plugins in a handy, intuitive category grouping which minimizes time required to find the plugin you need. With the over 70 plugins available, you will find this feature indispensable.

Documentation API

Entry of the Semiologic API key triggers the availability of documentation snippets which describe the use and implementation of each plugin. This is an area that is continuously expanding and is presented automatically as it is developed. No special upgrades are necessary.

Built-in SEO

Many WordPress implementations load pages left to right, making the sidebar appear before the content. Not Semiologic….. Semiologic has an optimized canvas or layout which serves your content first, then the sidebars. While this may occur before your page appears, the search engines do notice, reading and indexing your content faster, because they see it sooner.

This optimized canvas was created by Denis de Bernardy, while conducting research on semantic indexing algorithms similar to those used by Google for the launch of their search engine.

Layout and Skin Switchers

Semiologic Pro includes 18 layouts, 24 skins, 3 width options, 12 font options and 3 font size options. What more can you want. Actually you will probably choose one or two combinations as favorites, but it is a great comfort to know that you have so much variety, and that each one has Built-in SEO

Header Customization

With Semiologic you can have a different header on any page ….every page, if you wish. You want the navbar above the header… No Problem….simply drag the widgets within the Header area.

Advanced Templates

In addition to the standard template based upon your choice in the Layout and Skin switchers, you can also select a sales page or a mono-column template to create some variety and override the "blog" look for those particular pages that need it

Widget Management

When you see how Semiologic uses Widgets you just won't believe it. Widgets can be anywhere: in the header….. before the entry…..in the content….in header and footer blocks…..in the footer…and in the sidebars. You would be hard pressed to find an area where you could not insert a widget. Imagine…Every area of every page can be reordered and is reconfigurable. Your imagination becomes your only limitation.

Semiologic has created generalized or fuzzy widgets which can be used for posts, pages, and links. They can also be further customized to show only certain categories, allowing contextual sidebar navigation.

For easy entry of widgeted content into posts and pages, Semiologic has inline widgets, a virtual widget location which can be accessed from a drop down menu within the editor to effortlessly insert a widget any place within the content. Inline widgets are discussed in more detail below.

Widget Contexts

When you wish to control the display of the content specified in one of your widgets, you simply deselect the box where you do not wish the content to appear. The selection is done totally within the widget. Simple…intuitive… and very powerful.

Ad Manager

The Ad manager is a widget that is simple in its operation, yet powerful in its implementation. The same widget contexts described above allow placement anywhere you want, and prevent it in appearing wherever you don't. Covers pretty much every scenario.

Inline Widgets

Inline widgets are actually any widget that has been inserted into the Inline Widget area. A very convenient way to allow the insertion of almost any widget anywhere you want within a post or page by simply selecting the widget from a drop down menu within the editor. Maximum flexibility with minimum effort… Thanks to the genius of Semiologic

Feed Widgets

Lets you fully customize the output of your site's RSS feed

Silo Widgets

There are three widgets in this category.

A Silo Page Widget outputs what amounts to an automatically generated navigation menu for your static pages.

A Silo Stub widget, which you can use as an inline widget when you'd like to automatically generate the contents of a page whose only purpose is to link to its children and

A Silo Map widget, which you can use as an inline widget to automatically output a full site map of your site.

Related Widgets

The related widgets plugin for WordPress will let you display lists of related posts and pages. It requires that you use WordPress tags.

Script Manager

Insert all sorts of custom scripts without needing to edit files. Scripts can be entered into the header, the body or the footer, all within the administration area of the site.

Many More Features

There are many, many more features which make Semiologic the outstanding product that it has become. There is a Redirect Manager which lets you create a site that redirects affiliate links, Built-in Tagging, RSS, Social Bookmarking, Automated Ping Notification, Google Sitemap Generator and plugin for Google Analytics Integration which provides no options… the best are already built in.

You can easily insert content using our Article Uploader, Search Reloaded, the most powerful improvement to WordPress's built-in search in the market, and Advanced Cache, the easiest to use — and most advanced — caching plugin for WordPress.

Clone and Update Wizard

Easily create a copy of one of your sites. one click is all it takes, and with a cooperating host, a site can be upgraded to the latest version of Semiologic with just one click.

Semiologic Pro is in continuous upgrade mode, both to parallel the releases of the underlying WordPress platform, and also to implement features and modifications suggested by users and research staff. This is a valuable feature included in the annual support fee.

How much does all of this Power cost? Consider the time to select, download and install the plugins that are included with Semiologic. Then consider the time required to get each of them to work with each other without conflict. Finally consider the amount you could earn from marketing instead of tackling these tasks. Semiologic really doesn't cost… It pays.

So stop spending time creating websites. Start spending time marketing, creating a niche, and earning cash!

Semiologic Pro is the no-brainer platform to create niche websites. The day you start using it is the day you stop wasting your time tinkering with design and code; and start using your time the ways pros do – launching sites, selling, and making money.

You have the ideas. You have the drive to succeed. All you need is Semiologic Pro to give you the tools to make your ideas profitable. It's like having a full-time designer, coder, and business manager, all working for you around the clock for just pennies a day.

You will be far more productive and profitable than you ever have been. It will change your life, just as it has changed the lives of multitudes of other online entrepreneurs. Once you start using it, you'll wonder how you EVER launched and managed a website without it.

How much does it cost? Just a fraction of the amount it would cost you to do it yourself, assuming that was even possible. You do the math! We won't float a bunch of hyped up figures to insult your intelligence. You know a value when you see it and you might easily value this package at $495 or even higher. But regardless of how you do the calculations, you will be amazed to learn that this valuable resource can be yours for the incredibly affordable low price of only $97! That's right, all this power and SEO, for only $97! TBD

Now is the time to act

  • YES!, I want a solution that allows me to create any number of sites!
  • YES!, I want to obliterate my competition in search engine listings!
  • YES!, I want to focus my precious time on marketing!


To your success,